"It is often asked how spiritual science or anthroposophy stands in relation to the religious life of man ... By reason of the whole character of anthroposophy, it will not intervene in any religious creed, in the sphere of any sort of religious life ... Spiritual science never can entertain the wish to create a religion ... One cannot, therefore, call spiritual science, as such, a religious faith. It neither aims at creating a religious faith nor in any way at changing a person in relation to his religious beliefs. In spite of this, it seems as if people were worrying themselves about the religion of the anthroposophists. In truth, however, it is not possible to speak in this way; because, within the Anthroposophical Society, every kind of religion is represented, and there is nothing to prevent any one from practicing his [or her] religious faith as fully, comprehensively, and intensively as he [or she] wishes."

Rudolf Steiner, January 11, 1916 at Liestal near Basel, Switzerland (Gunter Wachsmuth: LIFE AND WORK, p.100-101)

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