Bullying and the Steiner school ethos - a case study analysis of a group centered educational philosophy
Ian Rivers, Alison Soutter

This article discusses a case study from an ongoing research project focusing on the effect of school ethos upon levels of bullying behaviour. Whereas it maybe said that all schools have an ethos, in the case of this study the term refers to a particular educational philosophy which underpins the teaching of academic subjects.

This article discusses the Steiner or Waldorf education system as an example of a system with a strong ethos. It looks at three classes of 30 pupils in one school in the South of England, and finds a very low level of bullying despite the fact that many pupils came to the school because they had been victimized elsewhere. In this study, it is suggested that bullying is a situational problem rather than one due to the fact that some young people are so-called 'natural' victims. [References: 43] 

School Psychology International. 17(4):359-377, 1996 Nov. ISSN 0143-0343 

(Published with the kind permission of Dr. Rivers.)